National Historic Fleet

This Quest is to visit the locations of boats in the 'The National Historic Fleet'. It is a collection of vessels that are protected because they are important to our heritage; the marine equivalent of Grade I listed buildings. There are currently 207 vessels on the list. Some of them are in bits. Many are in private hands. Many are operational, which means they move from time to time. Of those that should be on public display: Bertha seems to have been moved from World of Boats in Eyemouth; Turbinia seems to have been moved from the Science Museum; William Gammon and Olga were not on display when we visited Swansea; Esther and Spurn are being restored. We will decide what to do about these when they return to public display.

Your objective is to visit all those that are on permanent display. The good news is that they are in just 33 locations. Your reward for visiting all 33 is the title Historic Fleet Admiral. There are intermediate ranks of Midshipman and Commander for visiting 11 and 22 locations respectively.