National Historic Motorcar Fleet

This Quest is to visit the museums that display the vehicles in our 'National Historic Motorcar Fleet'. It is a motorcar equivalent of the National Historic Fleet, which lists the 200 or so most important British boats. You can find out which cars you need to see at which locations in our blog - here - about the collation of this fleet.

Doubtless, in time, experts will create an official National Histroic Motorcar Fleet. In this eventuality we will adopt their list or augment our own. We might also augment our list with new public acquisitions from the private sector. It should not impact this Quest because we expect that important new public acquisitions will be placed at one of the museums that is already represented. 

Pre Ford Model-T road cars were hand made at a time of rapid technological advancement, which means that each vehicle is unique. Post Model-T road cars are nearly always mass produced. In general, then, the post-1910 cars on our list refer to models rather than individual cars. This means that different examples of the same model might be displayed at two or more museums. Questors could undoudtedly see examples of all the models on our list without visiting all the museums on the list. It won't help. The title can only be earned by visiting them all. The McLaren F1, as far as we know, is not on currently on public display in Britain. Hopefully one will be placed in a museum that is already on the list.

Your quest is to visit the 15 locations where the cars are displayed. Your reward will be the title Historic Motorcar Master Explorer. There are intermediate rank of Learner for visiting 8 locations.