European Route of Industrial Heritage

This Quest is to visit Britain's 'European Route of Industrial Heritage' locations. Modern industrial processes developed in Western Europe, especially Britain and Germany. Back in the 1990s, the German goverment created a tour of the most important Rühr valley industrial heritage locations, which they named 'Route der Industriekultur'. The European Commission liked the concept. In the early 2000s, they adapted Route der Industriekultur for other industrial heritage sites across the rest of the Western Europe. Their program is known as ERIH, the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

ERIH now has more than 1000 museums affiliates and 100 'Anchor Points'. These anchor points are deemed to be the most important publicly accessible industrial heritage sites in Europe. According to the ERIH, there are 17 Anchor Points in Britain. Wikipedia says there are 19, and they are not the same. Wheal Martyn, Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum, Heartlands and Geevor Tin Mine are in Wiki but not ERIH. The Black Country Living Museum and Port Sunlight are in ERIH but not Wiki. Pending clarification, we are using the ERIH list.

Your Quest is to visit the 17 ERIH Anchor Points in Britain. Your reward for visiting them all is the title Industrial Heritage Master Explorer. There is an intermediate rank for visiting 8 sites.